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Valkyrie Cordes Inc

In this ever growing and changing world people want choice in their products and more people choose the ease and 24 hour availability of the Internet stores for their shopping needs. Many harpists of all ages and levels of expertise want the same.

Welcome to Valkyrie Cordes Inc. your e-commerce Internet store for quality imported gut harp strings and other harpist necessities at realistic prices.

Valkyrie Cordes is an independent and independently owned e-commerce company. VALKYRIE is the sole authorized North American Distributor for Sterling Imported gut strings which includes not only the USA but Canada and Mexico as well. Valkyrie has permission to sell outside the North American borders to harpists in Europe and other countries but the appropriate shipping, import, VAT, duty costs will apply to all shipments outside the continental US.

Valkyrie has been the supplier of the Sterling Brand gut strings to VENUS Harps for use on its new production harps as well as harp sales to harpists on existing harps of all makes. Valkyrie is now expanding the market across North America as a limited e-market store selling only harp strings and immediate need accessories for harpists for study, gigging and performance needs. Therefore you will not see sections of harp sheet music, CD's, harp related knickknacks, or other gifts items. We leave that to the large multi faceted supply stores online and physical in store locations.

Valkyrie is NOT a harp manufacturer but authorized supplier for Misc VENUS Harps parts along with strings.

Thank you for your interest and shopping with us.

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